A Parable

You might remember this classic tale: A teacher gives a quiz consisting of 20 questions to her class and says, "Whoever completes this first gets an automatic A in the course. One rule — read all of the instructions before you begin."

Now, of course, most students instinctively dive right into the questions without reading the instructions. Why? Because they are so focused on finishing quickly that they think getting right to the questions is the best way to go. But if you know how this tale ends, you know that the instructions tell the students to skip questions 1 to 19 and do just the last question. So when one student hands in the completed quiz in no time and gets an A, everyone else is confused as to how she was able to knock it off so fast.

College Essay Organizer's groundbreaking RoadMap technology works on the same principle. If you know all of your essay questions in advance and see how they overlap so you can write the fewest top-quality essays that work for all or your questions, you'll actually finish everything long before the students who go college by college, writing their essays one application at a time.

Know everything you're up against from the start. See the big picture. Work smarter. Get your RoadMap today!


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